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Database Migration

We successfully planned and executed a plan to migrate a government Access database that ran an ASP website for Enterprise Architecture development and sharing into a preexisting Oracle instance. The conversion of all reports, forms, and queries into custom ASP pages within the existing website was done. The existing authentication information was switched to a secure hashing algorithm to identify and authenticate use CACs against what was stored in the database.

This allowed the organization to implement Single Sign On (SSO) application code for Citrix to enable access to deployed applications

Website Conversion

The use of business intelligence (BI) applications require extensive monetary investment, may not be easily customizble, and can require additional support persons to maintain. We successfully recreated all dashboards and reports from a proprietary BI software into ColdFusion, JavaScript, and AJAX applications. We were also able to provide ad-hoc querying capabilities for Teradata and Oracle databases through a hand-written server- and client-side application.

We continued to extend reporting and dashboard functionality through the use of open source charting software. We also provided a customized reporting solution to allow users to export and print queried datasets and dashboards.

Atlassian Integration

"Process improvement" is more than buzz phrase. It is crucial for businesses to continually improve and refine processes and gather requirements to keep up with customer demand. We expertly implemented a suite of Atlassian applications to manage all aspects of an organization. JIRA was installed and highly customized to support software development, service desk operations, acquisition and requisition fulfillment, and many other specialized functions.

Confluence was integrated to provide document tracking capabilities tied to JIRA issues. Bitbucket was also installed to track website code changes (tied to JIRA issues) across three web environments.

Change Management

The tracking of configuration changes to servers code modifications should be traceable to a specific requirement and the person or persons that created, implemented, and approved the change. A custom, internally accessible, website run on MySQL to manage server configuration changes by admins in different geographic areas was implemented. Completely customizable and traceable the application allowed management and admins to more easily track and revert changes across a virtualized environment.

The traceability of configuration changes added the ability to not only hold persons accountable but graphically show the amount of effort that was required to implement each requirement.

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